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 Personal Training with Thrive Fitness.

Thrive Fitness provides a unique personal experience completely customized to your needs. Your membership begins with a review of your health history, discussion about your fitness goals and an in depth assessment of your current baseline.

This information allows us to tailor a training program specifically to your needs and objectives. Whether you are looking to get fit for a 10 km race, restore after long days at the office or learn to carry those  heavy grocery bags, Thrive Fitness has a plan for you. As you advance in your abilities , your program advances with you. Expect to see considerable improvement in the way you look, feel and perform. Constantly adapting and updating your program will allow you to achieve results faster than ever before.

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Thrive Fitness believes that quality movement sets the foundation to successful training. This is the most primary aspect to all of our programming. Without a solid foundation of movement ability you may find that the pursuit of your fitness goals are limited. If you’re a resident of New Westminster we invite you to come see how we can help get you moving and training at your best. If your intention is to complete a half marathon, deal with that nagging low back pain or simply have more energy to work in the garden, Thrive Fitness can help.

Our clients routinely tell us they look, feel and perform better in their daily lives. You will get results. Period. You will look better. Move better. Feel better. And perform better.

If you’re a resident of the New Westminster area and are serious about achieving your fitness goals contact us today!