Our Mission

To help build resilient, robust and purposeful individuals.
By empowering you with knowledge of the optimal training style, ideal approach to nutrition and best methods of recovery for your lifestyle.

Our Fundamentals

Movement Mastery.

The primary principle of our training system is the pursuit of pain free, functional movement. When pain is present movement is altered and this can lead to compensation and further complications. The first step in every Thrive Fitness ´╗┐Membership is a Functional Movement Screen and an in-depth assessment. This process provides a reliable baseline for actionable and effective steps to improve your movement, training and recovery.

Training Essentials.

At Thrive we use a wide range of techniques suited to the needs of each one of our clients. Through proper progressions you'll learn what genuine core stability and functional strength actually feel like. As you advance through your program it evolves, allowing you to continuously improve. And yes, you can expect to get very lean and very strong. Faster than ever before.

Lifestyle Design.

Your membership at Thrive Fitness includes important aspects that go beyond the gym. To help you achieve and maintain your hard earned results you'll receive:

  • Nutritional advice and meal planning that is tailored to your dietary preferences and schedule demands
  • A network of skilled clinicians to help you make a seamless transition from therapy to training
  • Introduction to the latest health and wellness innovations such as Heart Rate Variability