New Westminster Personal Training. Your Way. 


Is Thrive Fitness right for you? We offer two private sessions, a Functional Movement Screen and a customized Thrive Fitness program all for just $149 to help you answer that question.

Personal Training with Thrive Fitness.

Thrive Fitness provides a unique personal experience completely customized to your needs. Your membership begins with a review of your health history, discussion about your fitness goals and an in depth assessment of your current baseline.

This information allows us to tailor a training program specifically to your needs and objectives. Whether you are looking to get fit for a 10 km race, restore after long days at the office or learn to carry those  heavy grocery bags, Thrive Fitness has a plan for you. As you advance in your abilities , your program advances with you. Expect to see considerable improvement in the way you look, feel and perform. Constantly adapting and updating your program will allow you to achieve results faster than ever before.

New Westminster Personal Training. Evolved.

Thrive Fitness firmly believes in quality movement. Without a question, this is the most important aspect to our training programs. We firmly believe that without a solid foundation in movement patterns your progress is going to be limited. We use the latest techniques in dynamic mobility, core work, functional exercises and soft tissue work to help our clients. If you’re a resident of New Westminster we invite you to come join us.


Semi-Private Personal Training At It’s Best

If you’ve ever been to a gym and watched a trainer working one on one with a client you’ll notice something. The majority of the time the trainer is watching the client workout. Occasionally providing feedback and encouragement.

Here at Thrive we believe a few things. First when you join our community and you’re training alongside other members it’s incredibly motivating. Second, you’ll receive the same level of instruction and encouragement from our coaches. Lastly, you’ll get more session for the same price than if you were working 1 on 1 with a trainer.

Why Join Thrive Fitness?

Simply put, to feel better, look better and perform better. But don’t take our word for it, read what our clients have to say.

If you’re a resident of the New Westminster area and are serious about achieving your fitness goals contact us today!