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My experience with Thrive Fitness has been amazing! Instead of just focusing on losing weight and building muscle, Thrive emphasizes improving mechanics and movement ability. This results in a more effective workout, immediate visible gains, and increased athleticism. This lifestyle promoted by Thrive is a lot of fun and easy to maintain. Working with Thrive Fitness is one of the most beneficial life decisions I've ever made."

Jeff S

I have been working out on and off my whole life. I used to spend two hours in the gym and wouldn’t see much progress. With Thrive Fitness, I have seen the progress that I am looking for. I am getting stronger and I’m able to do exercises I couldn’t do just a few months ago. Mike is really encouraging, when I feel like giving up he pushes me to finish the last rep. At the end of the workout it feels great knowing I accomplished something. He takes his time to show me the correct technique, and never makes me feel stupid when I ask questions. I have already recommended him to a few of my friends and would highly recommend him to everyone else!"

Vanessa O

Michael has guided me with his professional and positive approach to a healthier lifestyle. He puts time into planning and designing a program that meets my needs. He observes me carefully in the gym to ensure I have the correct posture to maximize the benefits and minimize the chance of injury. My muscle tone, core strength, flexibility and balance have improved significantly and more importantly I am now comfortable working out in the gym on my own. Thrive’s functional style of training transfers to everyday chores and activities. I have more energy, can lift and carry more weight with ease and garden for hours without strain or sore muscles and on top of that, my clothes fit better! The results speak for themselves. My friends are often commenting on how great I look. The best part is how great I feel. Thanks Mike.”

Joanne W

Growing up as a national level swimmer, I learned how to work out from an early age. Although I continued to exercise after I finished swimming, I became frustrated by my inability to stay in shape. On top of that, I was bothered by chronic low back and hip pain on a constant basis. That all changed after my very first day with Thrive Fitness. The comprehensive assessment nailed down the root of my pain. The training style got me moving again, up on my feet instead of using the gym machines and elliptical. I am thrilled with my results: my strength has improved, my low back and hip pain are gone, and I am in the best shape of my life."

Sidney S

I have learned so much training at Thrive Fitness. Michael eats, sleeps and breathes health and fitness and he has helped me view wellness not as a destination, but as a lifelong journey. Michael has helped me achieve my goals but more importantly, he has taught me how to train safely so that I can continue to train into my old age. I never used to pay attention to my mobility until Michael showed me how inefficient my lifts were due to this. Now I’m training smarter, more efficiently and safer. There is still much to discover in health and fitness so have an open mind when training with Thrive Fitness, as Michael shares with you his latest discoveries."

Larry S
Roberto M
Roberto M

I've lived a very active life from a young age and I suffered a debilitating lower back injury nine months ago. I could hardly get out of my bed, let alone lift a weight or do any kind of physical activity. For months I bounced around going to different physiotherapists and trainers without any progress. My injury only seemed to get worse and I thought I would have to live with this injury for life and give up everything I loved doing. Then I found a chiropractor who told me the best way for me to recover was to get back in the gym under experienced and knowledgeable supervision. He recommended me to Thrive Fitness. After one session with Mike I could see he was brimming with knowledge, understanding, commitment, and dedication for what he does. He keeps an open mind and is constantly learning new methods to reap maximum benefits from training . I injured myself doing a 195 lbs deadlift and after 4 months of hard work, today I deadlifted 199 lbs comfortably and with no fear because I trust the system at Thrive Fitness. Come to Thrive with your goals and you will make them a reality. Keep an open mind and train hard you'll see nothing but results."

Roberto M 
Warren Thrive Testimonial

When it comes to movement and exercise execution, Michael is a true professional. Being in shape has always been a big part of my life and the difference that being a Thrive member for the past nine months has made in my personal fitness surpasses everything I’d accomplished in 30 years of training on my own, by far. I’ve dropped 8% body fat, (in the first 8 weeks), and I’m lifting more than ever before with precise execution, at age 52! I’ve learned how to eat to support my fitness level without sacrificing the lifestyle I enjoy. I feel more vital than I have since my 30’s. Michael has proven to me that it’s as much how you do as what you do – movement is the intrinsic element that most of us miss when left on our own. This is not just personal training - it’s a system for becoming your own lifestyle coach. If you want this, get with Thrive – you won’t regret it."

Warren K
Warren Thrive Testimonial
Kathy F. Thrive Fitness
Kathy F. Thrive Fitness

“As a former nurse and current landscape gardener, I am accustomed to lifting heavy things. I realized as I got older that I needed to keep up my strength. So I went to a gym, asked for a trainer to teach me how to use the machines and proceeded to workout. It was OKAY, I learned how to use some machines and to exercise on a regular basis. A friend told me about the results she was getting with Thrive Fitness. In the first session, Michael assessed my flexibility, strength and balance. He developed a program to increase mobility in identified areas of weakness. Michael also referred me to an osteopath to receive hands on treatment. Working with the osteopath, he developed a series of exercises to address my health issues. No one in my sixty years of life has ever attempted to correct the functional aspects of my body until I met Michael! My body improves weekly and I feel so good and strong. Now my husband and my daughter are also on their own training programs with Thrive Fitness. I am so grateful to Michael and his circle of healthcare specialists."

Kathy F
Warren Thrive Testimonial

“My experience at Thrive Fitness has been absolutely amazing! I have always been an active person but I had hit a wall with my level of fitness and strength. Thrive allowed me to surpass what I had envisioned for myself and went beyond what I thought was physically possible. Michael is knowledgeable,encouraging and dedicated to his clients as they Thrive upward towards their personal fitness goals. I could not be more thrilled with the results! Thanks Coach!”

Vanessa B
Warren Thrive Testimonial
Kathy F. Thrive Fitness
Kathy F. Thrive Fitness

I have done yoga and gym workouts for many years but after a bout with breast cancer and chemotherapy I found I had lost quite a bit of muscle strength and joint mobility. I had organized a trip to hike the Grand Canyon and felt I needed to be in better shape for it. I contacted Mike and he began a simple routine to help me regain strength and stability. As I progressed Mike increased the intensity of the workouts so that I would continue to improve. He also continually checked to ensure I was progressing and that the workout routines were still working for me and if not, would adjust them. Along the journey my lower back injury (have had it since I was a teenager) flared up and he sent me to a colleague, an Athletic Therapist. Between Mike and the Athletic Therapist my back became better than it had been for a long time. I feel stronger and more stable and better than ever."

Shelley B

It has been a pleasure to train and work with Mike to prepare for my 13th National Lacrosse League season. Having Mike examine my movements and design a program that addressed my specific needs as an athlete has been incredibly beneficial. I'm now able to move more efficiently which has allowed me to improve my level of fitness. Most importantly, I just feel better while training, especially in my joints. I wish I had started working with Mike earlier in my career. I would highly recommend Mike to any athlete who wants to get serious about enhancing their performance in sport."

Curtis Hodgson


I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Michael for several years. His appreciation for human movement and his working knowledge of a system that helps identify movement competency and movement capacity dysfunction is second to none. It is a pleasure working with him and knowing our shared clients are continually improving upon their weakest link when under his care. The attention to detail at Thrive Fitness is excellent and you are always treated like an individual. Without hesitation I would recommend Michael and Thrive Fitness."


Darren McConaghy
CAT(C), CSCS, DOMP Candidate

Mike has been a client of mine for many years and I have seen his passion for healthy living transform into Thrive Fitness. We have worked together on clients and it is important for me to know, as a health care professional, that my clients are not thrown into generalized fitness programs which may result in more harm than good. I like the Thrive Fitness approach which emphasizes balance in all aspects of fitness and eliminates compensations and weaknesses before introducing more advanced methods of training. Mike is very knowledgeable and cares that things are done right and that is why I am happy to refer my clients to Thrive Fitness."


Dr. Wayne Jakeman

“As a physiotherapist, it is hard to find professionals in the field of strength and conditioning and personal training that I would recommend to my clients. Mike is definitely an exception. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about human movement, health and fitness. He spends time assessing clients so that the training method is suited to their needs. He recognizes poor movement patterns and addresses them, which helps to prevent injuries and makes training more effective. No matter what your fitness goals may be, Thrive Fitness can get you there.”

Jessica Owen

Michael Panarella is a true professional, in every sense of the word. I have had the pleasure of knowing Michael for the last year and have found his knowledge base, his passion and dedication to his craft, and the desire to always improve, to be very refreshing. Too many coaches and trainers do not know how to listen. They think they have it all figured out and they believe their methods are the best, even when they are not even close. Michael is not like this. He combines his abundant experience with a sensibility and humility in recognizing that the needs and expectations of his clients require something extra. Michael Panarella knows you are an individual and is willing and able to discover that individuality to help you reach your health and fitness potential."



Dr. Anthony McDougall